30 June 2007


June 15, 7:00 AM. N drove me to the airport for my last flight home. With nine months of my life packed into three suitcases and two carry-ons, I said goodbye and boarded the plane. At 5:00 PM I landed in Seattle where Z greeted me with flowers and tears.

Washington seems a little strange to me. There are no old buildings and no cobblestone streets. There is not enough walking and too much driving. I never thought I would say this, but it is almost too quiet in our little neighborhood.

Change is hard for me, but I get better every year. I’ve been back home for about a couple of week nows, and so far so good. A few days ago Z and I went for a 35-mile bike ride along the Foothills Trail with gorgeous views of Mount Rainier all along the way. The other night I went for a walk and saw the most beautiful rainbow over the Cascade mountains. At this very moment I'm in Ohio visiting family I haven't seen in almost a year. People smile and say hello when they pass you in the street. Best of all, I am back with my partner, enjoying being a team again.

I love Belgium. I can’t wait to go back. I already miss my friends and hope to see them again soon, here or there. So, here’s one last look back:

And now a new chapter begins: from muziekmeisje to madbyrd. See you there!

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