25 May 2007

Procession of the Holy Blood

Sounds potentially gory, right? The Procession of the Holy Blood is held every year on Ascension Day, which this year was May 17. It is an ancient tradition dating as far back as 1291 when it was first mention in a charter. Although there have certainly been many changes since then, the heart of the event remains the same: the re-enactment of the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The final part of the procession is the passing of the golden shrine that houses the Holy Blood itself, the blood of Jesus.

V, A and I were lucky enough to get front-row tickets for this year's procession. I had stupidly left my camera in a locker at the train station, so these pics are courtesy of A.

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Anonymous said...


I can't believe you're almost done! So sorry I haven't written, but it sounds like you've had a marvelous, kick-a*@ trip! Be sure to call/e-mail when you get the chance. I can't wait to hear about all the uncontrolled substances you may or may not have tried in Amsterdam (j/k of course!)