16 November 2006

Care package

How is it that moms ALWAYS know?

I've been working hard for these past two days, putting together an outline from the nearly 100 pages of notes I've taken so far. My brain is tired, I'm getting listless, I am starting to not really care why, where, or when Peter Philips wrote his small-voiced motets. But I had a deadline--my first real deadline--to submit my "research schedule" for the next seven months. On any normal pair of November days this may not have been such a big deal. After all, what else is there to do when it's grey, rainy, and cold? But, of course, the sun has been out, it's been in the mid-60s, university students are frolicking in the park. And I am here in my little studio stuck in front of the computer, playing solitaire every five minutes to keep myself from going crazy.

And then it comes. My saving grace. A care package from my mom, the master of frivolous fun!

Now, I should mention that this is not the first care package to arrive from the 'rents. About two weeks I received a DVD recorder with carrying case! So how does mom manage to top such a spectacular gift?

--two sets of warm fuzzy socks
--little bottles of scented lotion, face scrub, and lip balm
--hot chocolate-flavored Pop Tarts
--turkey-shaped pot holders and travel kleenex carrier
--fun scrunchy for my (getting-longer-every-day) hair
--Go Lean granola bars
--packaged pasta sauce mix
--candy, candy, and more candy! among the cornucopia of heavenly sweetness are Spree, Dum-Dums, Spongebob Squarepants gummies, Nerds (complete with green plastic Smiling-Nerd-on-top-of-Skateboard candy dispenser), Pez, Jolly Ranchers, Lemonheads, and Pop Rocks.

It's absolutely wonderful. Thanks, mom!! :)

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Little Sis Amy said...

I got to help her pick all the stuff out! So glad you enjoyed it!